Saturday, March 20, 2010

a brighter day

a brighter day
is just over the horizon
yes, warm days are
destined to come

no more restless storms
and over-flowing rivers
no more street corners and
dope fiend killers

for a brighter day
is not far away
as long as we stay strong
and remember to pray

and the hungry and starving
will all get their full
the church seats will all be
taken by the faithful

yes, a brighter day
is gonna come
as long as we spread that love
to someone

i'm not giving up
on the drop-outs or illeterates
i won't snitch on those who had to fail
'fore they kicked their habits

for that brighter day
is meant for them too
you never know when
God's watching you

and he forgives you
and he loves us so
he's just waiting for us
you know

and that brighter day
is going change
the mindset of a lazy society
He already forgave

oh a brighter day
is coming again
what a joyful day when we meet
in his Kingdom.

Lord, send down your continued blessings
so the people know.

thank you.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

God, bless the children

when i was a child
i played as happily as a child
i laughed hysterically at jokes i didn't understand.

when i was a child
i asked countless questions
i was more trusting of people and i believed their words.

when i was a child
i loved big airplanes, barbies and horse racing
i loved visits to my father on week-ends.

when i was a child
i believed in the tooth fairy and monsters under the bed
i wanted so badly to go to wonderland with alice.

i was more playful
i took more risks as a child
i never broke any promises.

when i was a child
i cherished bedtime stories
i always went to sleep with a night lamp.

when i was a child
i spoke as children do
and i knew my place.

when i was a child
i got punished when i should
but i was never beaten.

i was never tied to a chair and forgotten
i was never put in a microwave or an oven
i was never found in a trash can.

i was never starved or neglected
i was never abused or misused or stomped on
i was never alone.

oh children of today
who are robbed of a wonderful childhood
who are forced to grow up too fast.

who never laugh and know no joy
i love you because i don't know
if i could make it today the way you do.

and all i have are tales
of a woman who was once a child
but has since put away those things.

God, bless the children
please, bless the children.

thank you.

Friday, March 05, 2010

tick tock

1 am in the morning, and i just can't sleep...i'm in New York.

i'm in NY cause i lost my job, i'm in NY cause my grandfather is worsening, i'm in NY cause somehow i feel this is where God wants me to be right now so i'm not afraid.

my second home. being here reminds me of all the reasons why i love this city. why i appreciate the seasons of change.

1:03 and i can't sleep because there is something nagging at me about the way i was "let go" though i know i should let go and Let God.

see, if it weren't for me losing my job i would not be in the position i am right now. i would not be in the position to lend support to my grandmother who really needs it the most right now. as we prepare for the transition into the "home".

i was blaming 'this body' and 'that body' for me being unemployed. thinking 'they'd won'. but right now i don't see any winners. and if it was in God's hands from the beginning i really don't have a need to be worried or fearful.

i'm awake at 1:06 am because i know it takes my grand dad a few tossings and turnings to fall soundly to sleep. i'm awake because i need to be. i'm awake so i could be there in case he needs me. either way, i don't mind.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hope's door? let me in..

why are we so scared?
to step into the light
doesn't our faith guarantee us
that this will end right?

i'm afraid and i don't know
as the world keeps a-shifting
the plates are broken on the table
and there's a big mess in the kitchen.

there's crying somewhere in the world tonight
though i cannot hear from here
i feel the need to say a prayer
and hope that my thoughts reach them.

whoever they are, those unnamed faces
with blood shot eyes and open scars
who'd probably care less about hotels
clothes, cars, or who did what at the bar.

i won't lie it scares me...

as there seems to be no escape
from the torturing and the beatings
no mother's love to keep you warm
or protect you while you're sleeping.

its hard i say to keep the faith
when the world's filled with the faithless
i pray that we can change our ways
and find a way to save the saveless.

Friday, November 20, 2009

life is a short but wonderful journey

life is so precious
life is so grande
you better nourish and water it
the very best you can.

life is so delicate
life is so pure
it can breakdown those walls
let love from you pore.

life is a mystery
a puzzle at times
tomorrow is not promised
but forever is mine.

as i play in His kingdom
as i lay at His feet
what a day of rejoicing
when my Father i meet.

so take this sweet life
and it's presents too
make sure you're living it
the way He wants you to.

i try to.

thank you.

imagine living to be 95 years old! how wonderful that must be! cheers to a great man, who i barely knew but who was also my neighbour.

life is too short not to live it rejoicing!!

so i will lift up a praise and say a prayer tonight for him and for niamh.

be blessed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i am blessed...aren't i?

i can't lie
i've been feeling
low, lower than
i ever cared to
go, down to
the ground
without a foot
to stand on.
i've been
worked hard
verbally scarred
and never praised
for the things
i do.
not that they
need to. i mean
i woke up
this morning
did the usual
but there was
something unusual
about doing it.
i've let my worries
get the best
of me, i didn't give
praise or even
notice the new
day and fresh dew
i might as well
be blind for not
seeing life's beauty..
not noticing the smells
not listening
to the sounds
of God's music..
those jazzy leaves
crazy country cars
those soul sistas
and those rhythm
and blues guitar winds
that kissed my cheeks
and lifted my spirit
with their passing.
they say God
don't like ugly
but doesn't he?
bajans say
"he coming fah we
cause we sinnin"
but isn't God forgiving?
doesn't he Love
and everyone.
come on
let's not forget
to big-Him-up one
to give Him praise
give Him his due..won't you?
i think i
should stop
waltzing through
life without giving
praise where i can
i'm a woman
with so much
going on i
gotta share it
with someone
why not try
on earth 'fore
my soul kisses
the sky, it's the
least i can do
i mean, i'm
aren't i?

thank you.

oh challenges challenges, challenges, they never go away, but i've learnt how to laugh at you, how to pray and keep the faith, only grave diggers start at the top and it's time i started doing it His way, not mine, and not in my time...

today at work was hard but i made it through by God's grace..

it's hard to let go and let God be in control, but not doing that would be like fighting a losing battle so, i'm letting go..

life is so wonderful, i just don't want to waste a day!

be blessed people and listen to the music..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

who moved my cheese?

i understand that i am not meant to understand
and everyday i'm learning that i need not always look to the sky to see you
you are everywhere
in everything
when i feel weak
when i feel strong
when i feel in between
it's not just me
but it's you
living in me
gee, i'm lucky.

thank you.

my journey is one that i will look back upon and be proud to see the woman i have become.
my journey will have hills and valleys, dead ends and closed doors that will make me a stronger woman.
my journey will break promises, be late, sometimes early yet be filled with positive energy.
my journey will lead me down long winding twisting turning roads that seem like they will never end but the woman in me will encourage me to carry on, keep going, i'm my own number one fan.
my journey will allow me to recognize when it is right for me and no one else, so please, give me space to learn.
my journey is continuing and i am growing in the meantime.

tonight i am grateful for truth.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i'm troubled
bothered to the point that i toss and turn in my sleep
doubts and witches and werewolves in my mind creep
and i have a confession
i haven't prayed for days
i haven't asked for guidance
i haven't talked to God
why is it that when i feel weak i find it hardest to talk to you?
am i ashamed? afraid of what you might tell me?
because i know i am not quite at that place where i need to make that decision?
my energy, my inner and outer, my chi
feels like it's had enough already
i'm troubled
can anyone help me?

thank you.

i'm not feeling like the woman i know i am blessed to be..

Friday, March 27, 2009

..the rain this morning was a blessing..

Our Father,
who surrounds me everyday
i've had some things on my mind
that i'd like to ask today..

how did you make the stars
so beautiful and so bright?
that led those wise men to seek
our baby Jesus that night.

the golden sun that shines
and the crystal clear blue sky
the winds that bind us together
the rain that gives new life.

all the animals and creatures
the insects, birds and the bees
the seas and all the waterfalls
the amazon's magic and the trees.

Lord, what was on your mind that day
when you drew up my design?
my eyes, my ears, my mouth and nose
and my pearly whites..

the people and the places
all across this globe
the cultures, classes and religions
and the love that holds..
us together.

the poverty and the illness
God, yes! i question that?
the natural disasters and hurricanes
from Katrina to Iraq?

do you see your people Lord
rapidly destroying themselves?
is global warming really the fault
of an under-educated commonwealth?

and the leaders and the followers
the presidents and the kings
are they living up to your vision
of a good shepherd leading?

Dear Father,
i may never understand
your blueprint for my life
but i know i will be your humble servant
as morning turns to midday turns to night.
forever and ever

thank you.

i woke up this morning, head feeling kinda light, it was only then i realised..i grew wings over i have no choice but to soar...

(Go West Indies!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

snatching JOY! (a line from L.M Ross)

he said "this poem is a light"
so i tried to make it shine
with all my might.

and every morning
took it for a walk
listened attentively
when it tried to talk.

kept all of it's secrets
laughed at every joke
forever fascinated
by every word it spoke.

he said "this poem's a lyric song"
so i desperately tried
to sing along.

and script the notes
for the music
compose the score
for others to play it.

they began to sway
to my tune so loud
from two to three
became a crowd.

he said "this is, to me, a blessing"
and i decided to
spread the lesson.

so the world could know
of God's grace
to remind them to believe
even if we don't know his face.

find some quiet time
so your heart could listen
to those sweet psalms
he's always whispering.

he always says to "snatch joy"
so i'm snatching vibes from
the girls and boys

the beautiful people
created by God
i write what i write
just because.

i'm blessed with lyrics,
joy and song
and my light shineth
all year round

so look for me
in the stillness of the night
i'm that big star
shining ever so bright

shining through
the morning's dew
ever shining
upon you.

thank you.

we should all try.