Saturday, March 20, 2010

a brighter day

a brighter day
is just over the horizon
yes, warm days are
destined to come

no more restless storms
and over-flowing rivers
no more street corners and
dope fiend killers

for a brighter day
is not far away
as long as we stay strong
and remember to pray

and the hungry and starving
will all get their full
the church seats will all be
taken by the faithful

yes, a brighter day
is gonna come
as long as we spread that love
to someone

i'm not giving up
on the drop-outs or illeterates
i won't snitch on those who had to fail
'fore they kicked their habits

for that brighter day
is meant for them too
you never know when
God's watching you

and he forgives you
and he loves us so
he's just waiting for us
you know

and that brighter day
is going change
the mindset of a lazy society
He already forgave

oh a brighter day
is coming again
what a joyful day when we meet
in his Kingdom.

Lord, send down your continued blessings
so the people know.

thank you.


joaquin carvel said...

i was going to say "i hope you're right" - but i know you are. i just don't want to miss that boat. :)

Moanerplicity said...

With the change of the season, I hope you are still finding reasons to feel and to know that you are indeed: Blessed.