Wednesday, August 25, 2004

my lyrics

i here working on the 5th song for my first album, yup, u heard it here first, i working on an album, now u may ask what are some of the pre-requisites for bringing out an album, off the top of my head i could say maybe a band, music, lyrics, and a singer i guess. now can i sing? well, it depends on your definition of singing, or definition of what sounds like a wild ox mating call, i choose to describe my voice as a rare find.......will i b singing my tracks? am, who knows, don't wanna think so far ahead, still a work in progress, the thing is however, is the fact that most of my songs so far are so personal and totally express what or how i was feeling at that point in time, n i'm here wondering, do i want people to know what goes on inside, not that's there's anything villainous or anything but still, it speaks of me......hum, i don't know if i want to be so caught out there, but again, too far ahead to think about, i'll just try to atleast finish song 5

don't stop just yet

i just love listening to music, and i know it kinda sounds oh so corny but it honestly soothes me, just sitting back, lights off, eyes closed letting it totally take over has to be better than any drug high imaginable and when i'm really in a bad mood and need a lil awakening, anything by Morcheeba gets me shaking, this is one of my fav songs by her

sometimes i get up feeling good but greed gets me down
i try to think about the highs, the freedom we've found
when the business in your life don't sit with your soul
and they treat you like a child they need to control
the music that we make will heal our mistakes and lead us
the music that we hear is always standing near to feed us
we're all gonna rise above all the things that we lack
good vibrations that we make will come bouncing back
the music that we make will heal our mistakes and lead us
the music that we hear is always standing near to feed us

i try my best to keep my vibes cool, but sometimes i get so distracted

here at work not doing a damn thing, i so prefer working in new york than bim dread, it's like, more comfortable for one, the people are definitely friendlier, however, working in a building that has like over 100 floors and being on the 35th ain't feel sweet, but what can ya do nah, would really like to go to the "p p room" but to get up now, gosh, i'm lazy, need to play some footie sometime soon to get the juices flowing, ha, juices....i kill me!

why does it have to be so damn cold in here though, like hello, i'm black!!!!! a lil warmth can't possibly hurt....what should i eat for lunch, hum........ray's pizza maybe, i mean, it's near which means no long walking, yup, pizza it is, by the time i get back home i'll be like 125 lbs, woohoo!!!! is it healthy to try to put on 8 lbs in a week tho? i wonder

there goes that nosy woman now, always walking by my desk and peeping at my pc, hello, are u lost????? can i help u in some form?

ok, it's way too cool, maybe if i walked down the corridor i might get heated, we'll see

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


finally, a place where u can sometimes lose yourself, a place where u look around and see no one u know, a place with bombings and constant terror threats, a place of purse snatchings and gang wars, rapes and murders, a place where a governor can introduce himself as a gay american, god, i love the states!!!!!!!