Tuesday, January 20, 2009

come In.

love has lifted me and dropped me
friends have abused and disrespected me
money comes as fast as it goes
and just leaves me here with heart woes..

give me a chance to touch the light
give me a candle to cradle at night
give me a hope string to pull
gimme a second to make multiple...

what else is there to write about
i've cast myself into a wave of self-doubt
as life has drained, dribbled and dragged me
but i know my God has not forgot me...

i feel Him each time i take a deep breath
i feel Him in the music cavity of my chest
i feel Him in the wind that brushes against my skin
i feel Him within...

thank God for a new day and miracles
saying a praise song for a poet's words that were so lyrical
joyful noises for people, places and things
i'm sharing blessings for EVERYTHING.

Amen and thank you.

how easily we get so caught up in life's challenges, how easily. this life here is a gift. God never sends us anything he knows we can't handle. my mindset tells me i will triumph over whatever and my faith holds everything together. holla!

and happy new year!