Sunday, December 12, 2004

of all the houses in this town you chose mine

trust me to have a grasshopper with an identity crisis. why is it that for the passt week we have had a freaking grasshopper in the house, moving from room to room mekking de world of noise. Grasshopper - jumping and chirping insect of sub-order Saltatoria.........soooooooooo, why are u in my house????? shouldn't u be like outside being eaten by a frog or something, aren't the knicks or somebody playing, gosh go outside man. you may wonder y i don't just kill it. well, this answer is threefold, (1) why kill one of gods creatures (2) green used to be my favourite colour and (3) i am so completely scared of the thing dread, i mean cause it could like totally pounce on my at any given time rite and that ain't cool. so yes, i am a prisoner to the hopper :(

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

black boys on mopeds

now i am telling you, if i don't get these puppies outta here i am gonna blow something!!!!!! where i get these devil pups from i don't know but if by thursday dem ain't get no owners i sorry but is de streets fa dem, yeah man, you doubt me

meanwhile "ele" was sweet den, i mean, i had a ball, had on ma dancing gym shoes, exercised before ah left home so i was ready like freddy, and my man ele, didn't disppoint, went wid melly, shelly and ally, sorry kelly ain't mek ele, but maybe next toss, but it was great, for shitey my whitey

how cold is outside nowadays though, maybe santa claus is coming to the caribbean this year

sinead o'connor's music so does it for me

Friday, November 26, 2004

it's not the size that matters

trust mel to be doing a promotion where she encounters a securtiy guard from hell. hear tune, so this man keep talking and talking to mel, before she tell him from the start that "hey dude, u know what, i'm not interested ya know" she keep on talking back and smiling sweetly, so when he come today and reason he wanna borrow some money to buy some books y is she surprized???? de man basically think wunna is friends and what do friends do for each other, help them out when they need a hand duh!!!! so now when she says no, de man get vex vex ya know, lol, talking bout, and i quote "wait, y u gein on so, u like u is one a dem sorta girls ya" (when i hear this i deading ya know, cause she doing his voice real good) "i gun leff u alone boah" LOLOLOL. so now later on in de day after he done tell her he done comin round her cause she like she weird he gan still approach her and ask and i quote again "wah wrong wid you that u watching me? everytime everytime i look up i c you staring at me!" people, u would have to hear mel doing his voice to really get it, it is so funny that just typing bout it bringing tears to me eyes, the world is made up of many types..

in related news, so i gone to the laundry today cause ya know with this weather risking putting ya clothes on de line a a no no, so see me walking up supercentre stairs now n dese fellas at de top of de stairs gan reason "wait, ya mean ya can't clean, cook and now ya can't wash?". so in my lil voice i reason, "like hello, have u SEEN the weather recently, i can't get anything done" and they're like yeah waeva we ain't hearing u, ya can't wash plain n simple, n then it hit me, i don't know these ppl, y am i hear talking to them in the beginning, gotta go back on my medication ya!

bout these puppies from hell, i swear i gan give one of dem a choke slam sometime soon ya know, it's like they think i'm they're bitch, which i can't blame them for cause eveytime they cry i does b running outside, but now they taking it to another level, and oh baby, it's on!!!! crying crying if they want attention, crying if they want to be moved, crying so that i could come running out n then they get in their lil corner and laff at me, but you wait boy, i got a lil something planned called kitty cat!!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

stuttering stanley

de yr of the tie-tongue - now don't get me wrong, i have nothing against ppl with tie tongue, or dat stata nor nuttin, i sometimes stata myself and i used to talk to a guy das stata n that was a challenge within itself, but y is it that i jus butting them in some trying situations, take when i was in j'ca this summer after a nite of partying n stuff we decide to take a taxi home at like 4 sain in de morning so now when we get back on camp we gi de driver 5 US cause is b like 3 bills to get from de club to mona but we didn't know that taxi men don't take US and as foreign as they sound to us when they talk trust me we sound the same to them so while i there telling him we ain't got no jam he was trying to tell me something, now i can honestly say i understand most jamaican most of the time but what is worst than a fast talking jamaican? a stuttering fast talking jamaican, de man dere like "giberish, giberish, gibersh, me me me me, giberish nah, giberish gibersih US money" i swear, das wah i hear, tek me bout 5 mins to crack dat one and den when i finally get it i still ain't had nah jamaican to give him so he stupes curse me n went long, i cudn't even get vex cause up to now i still ain't know wah he say, n then today at sch now i drivin to park in this spot n this guard gan tell me i can't park in there so i like, "hello, i jus saw like 5 parks tho" and he's like "i i i i i i i i i i i i i i am de o o o o o o o official person.........." n den de rest is a blur honestly, what's goin on with the world?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

after hour sex

so hear tune now, i lying down last nite, like after 12 flicking thru de channels and i see this ting on de oxygen channel rite entitled "late nite sex talk" so i like ooh la la, yeah man dat's what i'm talking bout, some late nite porn to hit de spot, y when i flick to de channel i c dis old ass white woman taking on air calls n offering sex advice, i was like berr? (1) wah dis bitch doin up so late? (2)wah dis bitch know bout sex nah, when she was having sex women dah time never even used to shave their tout tout so i cudn't figure out wah she was trying to do, how bout if i was a man i wudda get soft inna one

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

new york revisted

de morning i was coming back to bim see me outside on the step ya know getting all sentimental, looking back at my time in ny, wishing i could stay, bare things. so ya know dem flights does be early, so i outside now watching the sun come up, watching my 100 lb uncle and my 101lb grandfather lifting my suitcases in de car, watching the breeze blowing the leaves in the trees enjoying the nice morning air then i look up (didn't have on my glasses by the way) and i saw this thing running down the block i there like of the neighbours pups traveling all down de block to c me off, y when de ting get closer i realize it was a big ass rat, now honestly, wah de........ting look like it does be in de macdonald trash bin jus chillin on some burgers.......if they had a rat "spokesrodent" for micky dees that would b it...........left me fairly disturbed to say the least

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

my lyrics

i here working on the 5th song for my first album, yup, u heard it here first, i working on an album, now u may ask what are some of the pre-requisites for bringing out an album, off the top of my head i could say maybe a band, music, lyrics, and a singer i guess. now can i sing? well, it depends on your definition of singing, or definition of what sounds like a wild ox mating call, i choose to describe my voice as a rare find.......will i b singing my tracks? am, who knows, don't wanna think so far ahead, still a work in progress, the thing is however, is the fact that most of my songs so far are so personal and totally express what or how i was feeling at that point in time, n i'm here wondering, do i want people to know what goes on inside, not that's there's anything villainous or anything but still, it speaks of me......hum, i don't know if i want to be so caught out there, but again, too far ahead to think about, i'll just try to atleast finish song 5

don't stop just yet

i just love listening to music, and i know it kinda sounds oh so corny but it honestly soothes me, just sitting back, lights off, eyes closed letting it totally take over has to be better than any drug high imaginable and when i'm really in a bad mood and need a lil awakening, anything by Morcheeba gets me shaking, this is one of my fav songs by her

sometimes i get up feeling good but greed gets me down
i try to think about the highs, the freedom we've found
when the business in your life don't sit with your soul
and they treat you like a child they need to control
the music that we make will heal our mistakes and lead us
the music that we hear is always standing near to feed us
we're all gonna rise above all the things that we lack
good vibrations that we make will come bouncing back
the music that we make will heal our mistakes and lead us
the music that we hear is always standing near to feed us

i try my best to keep my vibes cool, but sometimes i get so distracted

here at work not doing a damn thing, i so prefer working in new york than bim dread, it's like, more comfortable for one, the people are definitely friendlier, however, working in a building that has like over 100 floors and being on the 35th ain't feel sweet, but what can ya do nah, would really like to go to the "p p room" but to get up now, gosh, i'm lazy, need to play some footie sometime soon to get the juices flowing, ha, juices....i kill me!

why does it have to be so damn cold in here though, like hello, i'm black!!!!! a lil warmth can't possibly hurt....what should i eat for lunch, hum........ray's pizza maybe, i mean, it's near which means no long walking, yup, pizza it is, by the time i get back home i'll be like 125 lbs, woohoo!!!! is it healthy to try to put on 8 lbs in a week tho? i wonder

there goes that nosy woman now, always walking by my desk and peeping at my pc, hello, are u lost????? can i help u in some form?

ok, it's way too cool, maybe if i walked down the corridor i might get heated, we'll see

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


finally, a place where u can sometimes lose yourself, a place where u look around and see no one u know, a place with bombings and constant terror threats, a place of purse snatchings and gang wars, rapes and murders, a place where a governor can introduce himself as a gay american, god, i love the states!!!!!!!