Friday, November 20, 2009

life is a short but wonderful journey

life is so precious
life is so grande
you better nourish and water it
the very best you can.

life is so delicate
life is so pure
it can breakdown those walls
let love from you pore.

life is a mystery
a puzzle at times
tomorrow is not promised
but forever is mine.

as i play in His kingdom
as i lay at His feet
what a day of rejoicing
when my Father i meet.

so take this sweet life
and it's presents too
make sure you're living it
the way He wants you to.

i try to.

thank you.

imagine living to be 95 years old! how wonderful that must be! cheers to a great man, who i barely knew but who was also my neighbour.

life is too short not to live it rejoicing!!

so i will lift up a praise and say a prayer tonight for him and for niamh.

be blessed.