Tuesday, May 26, 2009

who moved my cheese?

i understand that i am not meant to understand
and everyday i'm learning that i need not always look to the sky to see you
you are everywhere
in everything
when i feel weak
when i feel strong
when i feel in between
it's not just me
but it's you
living in me
gee, i'm lucky.

thank you.

my journey is one that i will look back upon and be proud to see the woman i have become.
my journey will have hills and valleys, dead ends and closed doors that will make me a stronger woman.
my journey will break promises, be late, sometimes early yet be filled with positive energy.
my journey will lead me down long winding twisting turning roads that seem like they will never end but the woman in me will encourage me to carry on, keep going, i'm my own number one fan.
my journey will allow me to recognize when it is right for me and no one else, so please, give me space to learn.
my journey is continuing and i am growing in the meantime.

tonight i am grateful for truth.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i'm troubled
bothered to the point that i toss and turn in my sleep
doubts and witches and werewolves in my mind creep
and i have a confession
i haven't prayed for days
i haven't asked for guidance
i haven't talked to God
why is it that when i feel weak i find it hardest to talk to you?
am i ashamed? afraid of what you might tell me?
because i know i am not quite at that place where i need to make that decision?
my energy, my inner and outer, my chi
feels like it's had enough already
i'm troubled
can anyone help me?

thank you.

i'm not feeling like the woman i know i am blessed to be..