Friday, June 17, 2005

good deed gone bad

so i at lunch the other day and as i'm about to cross the street i see this man in a wheel chair holding a cup, i looked to my aunt and said "here's my good deed for the day" (i try to get in atleast one a day) so i pull out my purse and walk over to the guy, getting ready to put my dollar in the cup and the guy goes "huh?" when i look in de cup now de man got kolade in dere, u believe that, so i dere shame as ever, so i was like "oh my gosh so sorry" he aint homeless atall, and then he goes, "no, i'll take the money" and grab de dollar from my hand!!!! all i cud do was walk long.......

Friday, April 15, 2005

last place

Why can’t things be simpler? I mean, must there always be so much confusion and uncertainty? True, maybe having things handed on a silver platter all the time might indeed get a lil boring, true, there may be some things you would want handed on a gold platter, accompanied by a lovely gold spoon even. So then why can’t there be a balance, a little good and a little bad to keep the good in check. Am I missing something? I know I’ve got to be missing something. Maybe if I looked up at the sky, ya know, like what those people do before they get a brilliant idea, maybe that might work. Hum…….let me try. Nope, nothing so far, oh shoot, suppose I wasn’t looking up long enough, stupes, I can’t win. I remember in my younger days I couldn’t wait to be this age. I had so many damn plans and now as my birthdays come and go I feel as though I’m running out of time - time to do what though? I obviously not running out of time if I can spend said time looking up in the sky for something, stupes, so I just wasted time then, I can’t win. I remember I always used to feel as though I was running a race but with who though? I guess my friends, people around me, constantly looking at others and making comparisons, they’re always ahead. But then, ha! I developed multiple personalities so I was basically racing my other selves. Aren’t I the smart one? It’s amazing how you could have one personality around one person and then be a totally different person around another. How does one keep it up? I’m bedazzled everything I notice the switch. What is this invisible pressure that forces us to play this game of hide and seek constantly, geez, I already in a race and now this? I can’t win. But maybe I approaching it from the wrong angle though, maybe hmmmm, if I turn my head this way and….look up with my head tilted slightly, yeah, this way, so that now my left eye is closer to the………YUP! There it is, woohoo! I just received a brilliant idea (wow, my brain is faster than ADSL). I should probably stop worrying about my time, take a breather from this race and just accept the fact that somebody always has to be in last place. Hum……which personality will it be though? AHHHHH, I can’t decide….oh the pressure.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

these are the good things sandy did

On my way to work this morning, I was so late, now I see y my aunt likes to leave early, so I there reading my exotic thriller when this Puerto Rican guy and his girl come on de train, cool cool, nothing strange, until I hear him say the words bumbaclot, I was like eh???? Wah he just say, I start to laugh out loud, I know them ppl had to think something was wrong with me but I just found it so funny

Let me tell you bout this exotic tale by Noire that my cousin gave me to read de other day. Now I don't usually read these books but the way I saw her getting on while reading it I have to say I was indeed, intrigued. So I start reading de ting now, y de main character's name is Juicy???? And they got other characters like Flex, G (who is her man and owns a placed called G-Spot, the name of the book by the way), Macaroni, Pananae, Pluto and Moonie, just to name a few. Now ya know from de time ya hear names like that ya can't really expect to be reading deep, thought-provoking stuff, nope straight hood, this book got me dying wid laughter more than anything else, I think I'll stay far away from erotic tales for a while, juicy! Pah, juicy fruit!

Monday, March 28, 2005

i enjoy being a girl better

So hear dis nonsense now, I get on de train de odda day, got on like 5 sweaters, a jacket, boots, socks, gloves, jeans, de works, cause I freezing, barely drawing up next to this woman to keep warm and just like that, la-de-da, this girl walks onto the train, short short skirt, ugg boots, and a sweater and proceeds to sit and talk and laugh with her friend, boy, it took me all the willpower of Jah not to go over there and knock her senseless, acting like it’s not below zero outside, the nerve!!!!!!!!

Wid dese trains ya cud always tell when there’s a bum in one of the carts, thing does b free and clear of ppl, not that I blame them, you know how poisonous those gases are? and de smell like it permeates the skin and it’s with u for days. So I just stay my from cart next door and watch as ppl step in and step out and then rush over to my cart and go like “DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!!” hehe

Been a few places since I been here, went to this lounge was really nice, totally looking forward to Sunday night guys. Can’t wait to go somewhere and hear music that reminds me of home……..ahhhhhhhhh.
Watched that movie the other night, million dollar baby, what a wonderful film that was, nearly brought me to tears, and that girl, what’s her name again, am, Hilary Swank right, she’s tite!!!!!

I could totally eat pizza every single day all day, honestly, it just does something to me, it gives me needs

It’s so cold outside and to top it off it’s raining today, and I’m stuck here at work till after 5, stupes, hum…… I wonder if I concentrated really hard and just tried, if I could jus click my heels and get home, oh man, I forgot, I didn’t walk with my red heels today, chaaaa

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

so who is doing who?

some ppl are so retarded hear, so today i goin up bet hill and like there's this man to my right that i could let out if i so desired but i was in the flow of my drive and i really didn't feel to, so anyways i drive and gone long bout my business and all of a sudden de man appears beside me, and this follows:
man - "you know how to change a tire?"
me - (with a rather bewildered look) "no"
man - "ha, i glad das wah u get for not letting me out"

then speeds and goes on his merry way. in one word "BERR!!!!" ya gotta see the crack and leave the crack hear!

i think everybody that went to carnival is a total loser, hum.....i wonder if any of them contributed to the tsunami fund instead of flying all over the c'bean wukkin-up! (however, secretly i wish i was there wukkn-up as well)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

is that all there is?

so y would i have a dream about the great brian lara kidnapping me along with 8 other ppl and then killing us one by one? isn't that just like the weirdest thing? even though i would have to admit there is something rather exciting about the thought of being kidnapped by him.....he's interesting.

the weather down here is just doing its own ting nowadays boy, barely but wukking-up in me, tell me y as a youth in the c'bean i would be wearing socks in bed nah? socks as well as being under a comforter and got de sheet all up under my chin and huddling in a corner of my bed, hehe, cold as wah outside boy

so carnival is here and everyone is talking bout it all over their stupid faces, like hello, some of us are trying to read our bibles over here!!!!! geez, i hope they know that jesus can c ya in t'dad, so ef i were them i would go over there and just clap my hands

so what will i do tomorrow nah? boy i smell excitement coming up, wake-up, shit (lol, i could hear my mother laffing at that one all now) and watch tv, fun fun fun, i need ajob

so here's a joke: what's green and smells like pork? kermit's finger. ha. i kill me!!!!!
i miss my jammy