Sunday, April 23, 2006

talk dirty (just listen)

So it goes I suppose
Trying to lose a shadow (stop stalking me)
Reaching for the unknown
Ye right, nothing in life is easy (just be)
It’s not safe to think anymore
Feeling trapped in the constraints that exist
Exist to maintain “order”
I mean seriously? Look around
Corruption lives in my backyard (yours too)
It breeds on the weak and insufferable
Makes you rethink your mode of thinking
Scars you, cause of your own inaction (lazy)
Can’t hide the shame can you?
Wear it like a tattoo (ye Sade said that too)
Brain dead
Uncommon senses, not accepted, deviating from the norm
Listening, straining to hear life
Nothing, so quiet yet I know, confusion lives on
There’s more, more, more (who doesn’t want it)
It brushes against my body, vapour
A cold wind, a chill
In this cosmically dynamic world
There’s no such thing as a dead end
The abyss of dreams
Like, you just gotta keep walking
Leaving perversion behind, the ugliness (no room)
Ignoring it, it’s not yours to carry, don’t feel guilty
The injustice and unrest, the hate
Did you breed it? Was here in times before
Will be here for time beyond
Death is a cop out isn’t it?
Persecuted for your thoughts, or lack or thinking
It’s like, geez dude which is it?
In the end everyone has lost something (never regained)
It’s like, we’re living so we could die older
Accepting death indeed, but just not now, not yet
Hustling for more, more stress and pain
Happy moments too no doubt
Yet more, taxes and bills some more (begging)
Or whether I’ve made my contribution
The humour of it all, really something
Living so many lives, living lies
Wasting time………
Time never recovered, time mourned for
What makes you so special?
Why are you here?
Who has the answers? (it might be out there)
Be still
Maybe it too might brush against your body, vapour
A cold wind, a chill….