Saturday, March 06, 2010

God, bless the children

when i was a child
i played as happily as a child
i laughed hysterically at jokes i didn't understand.

when i was a child
i asked countless questions
i was more trusting of people and i believed their words.

when i was a child
i loved big airplanes, barbies and horse racing
i loved visits to my father on week-ends.

when i was a child
i believed in the tooth fairy and monsters under the bed
i wanted so badly to go to wonderland with alice.

i was more playful
i took more risks as a child
i never broke any promises.

when i was a child
i cherished bedtime stories
i always went to sleep with a night lamp.

when i was a child
i spoke as children do
and i knew my place.

when i was a child
i got punished when i should
but i was never beaten.

i was never tied to a chair and forgotten
i was never put in a microwave or an oven
i was never found in a trash can.

i was never starved or neglected
i was never abused or misused or stomped on
i was never alone.

oh children of today
who are robbed of a wonderful childhood
who are forced to grow up too fast.

who never laugh and know no joy
i love you because i don't know
if i could make it today the way you do.

and all i have are tales
of a woman who was once a child
but has since put away those things.

God, bless the children
please, bless the children.

thank you.


meg said...

i love this. very moving.

(in response to your comments)--

Thanks for the encouragement! I still do write-- i'm actually in a dry spell at the moment...-- but I have countless folders in a fireproof vault of poems and short stories... I just wanted to say: thanks for the motivation. I'll probably give blogging a break until my spring break because school is eating my time, but i really do love it too much to give it up. :)

you're awesome. ;)

maaga..... said...

awwww meg!