Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i am blessed...aren't i?

i can't lie
i've been feeling
low, lower than
i ever cared to
go, down to
the ground
without a foot
to stand on.
i've been
worked hard
verbally scarred
and never praised
for the things
i do.
not that they
need to. i mean
i woke up
this morning
did the usual
but there was
something unusual
about doing it.
i've let my worries
get the best
of me, i didn't give
praise or even
notice the new
day and fresh dew
i might as well
be blind for not
seeing life's beauty..
not noticing the smells
not listening
to the sounds
of God's music..
those jazzy leaves
crazy country cars
those soul sistas
and those rhythm
and blues guitar winds
that kissed my cheeks
and lifted my spirit
with their passing.
they say God
don't like ugly
but doesn't he?
bajans say
"he coming fah we
cause we sinnin"
but isn't God forgiving?
doesn't he Love
and everyone.
come on
let's not forget
to big-Him-up one
to give Him praise
give Him his due..won't you?
i think i
should stop
waltzing through
life without giving
praise where i can
i'm a woman
with so much
going on i
gotta share it
with someone
why not try
on earth 'fore
my soul kisses
the sky, it's the
least i can do
i mean, i'm
aren't i?

thank you.

oh challenges challenges, challenges, they never go away, but i've learnt how to laugh at you, how to pray and keep the faith, only grave diggers start at the top and it's time i started doing it His way, not mine, and not in my time...

today at work was hard but i made it through by God's grace..

it's hard to let go and let God be in control, but not doing that would be like fighting a losing battle so, i'm letting go..

life is so wonderful, i just don't want to waste a day!

be blessed people and listen to the music..


Moanerplicity said...

I felt almost every line here, personally. i guess in times like these you have to remember that we DID indeed awaken in the morning, & spend most of the day (as my grandma used to say) clothed and in our right mind!

SO, let's snatch JOY in that, at least!



Moanerplicity said...

And YES... you ARE Blessed!

maaga..... said...

Oh Lin...your grandmother sounds very wise indeed! Lovely words of upliftment that I get from you and transform into art, thanks again and thanks for passing by...


joaquin carvel said...

thank you for sharing this. it reminds me that the answers are worthless if i'm asking the wrong questions - and that the right questions are right in front of me.

maaga..... said...

Joaquin..i hope you've found some of your answers :)