Friday, March 27, 2009

..the rain this morning was a blessing..

Our Father,
who surrounds me everyday
i've had some things on my mind
that i'd like to ask today..

how did you make the stars
so beautiful and so bright?
that led those wise men to seek
our baby Jesus that night.

the golden sun that shines
and the crystal clear blue sky
the winds that bind us together
the rain that gives new life.

all the animals and creatures
the insects, birds and the bees
the seas and all the waterfalls
the amazon's magic and the trees.

Lord, what was on your mind that day
when you drew up my design?
my eyes, my ears, my mouth and nose
and my pearly whites..

the people and the places
all across this globe
the cultures, classes and religions
and the love that holds..
us together.

the poverty and the illness
God, yes! i question that?
the natural disasters and hurricanes
from Katrina to Iraq?

do you see your people Lord
rapidly destroying themselves?
is global warming really the fault
of an under-educated commonwealth?

and the leaders and the followers
the presidents and the kings
are they living up to your vision
of a good shepherd leading?

Dear Father,
i may never understand
your blueprint for my life
but i know i will be your humble servant
as morning turns to midday turns to night.
forever and ever

thank you.

i woke up this morning, head feeling kinda light, it was only then i realised..i grew wings over i have no choice but to soar...

(Go West Indies!)

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joaquin carvel said...

"Lord, what was on your mind that day when you drew up my design?" - wow - you're right, you "have no choice but to soar" - and you took me along for an amazing ride - thank you.