Saturday, March 20, 2010

a brighter day

a brighter day
is just over the horizon
yes, warm days are
destined to come

no more restless storms
and over-flowing rivers
no more street corners and
dope fiend killers

for a brighter day
is not far away
as long as we stay strong
and remember to pray

and the hungry and starving
will all get their full
the church seats will all be
taken by the faithful

yes, a brighter day
is gonna come
as long as we spread that love
to someone

i'm not giving up
on the drop-outs or illeterates
i won't snitch on those who had to fail
'fore they kicked their habits

for that brighter day
is meant for them too
you never know when
God's watching you

and he forgives you
and he loves us so
he's just waiting for us
you know

and that brighter day
is going change
the mindset of a lazy society
He already forgave

oh a brighter day
is coming again
what a joyful day when we meet
in his Kingdom.

Lord, send down your continued blessings
so the people know.

thank you.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

God, bless the children

when i was a child
i played as happily as a child
i laughed hysterically at jokes i didn't understand.

when i was a child
i asked countless questions
i was more trusting of people and i believed their words.

when i was a child
i loved big airplanes, barbies and horse racing
i loved visits to my father on week-ends.

when i was a child
i believed in the tooth fairy and monsters under the bed
i wanted so badly to go to wonderland with alice.

i was more playful
i took more risks as a child
i never broke any promises.

when i was a child
i cherished bedtime stories
i always went to sleep with a night lamp.

when i was a child
i spoke as children do
and i knew my place.

when i was a child
i got punished when i should
but i was never beaten.

i was never tied to a chair and forgotten
i was never put in a microwave or an oven
i was never found in a trash can.

i was never starved or neglected
i was never abused or misused or stomped on
i was never alone.

oh children of today
who are robbed of a wonderful childhood
who are forced to grow up too fast.

who never laugh and know no joy
i love you because i don't know
if i could make it today the way you do.

and all i have are tales
of a woman who was once a child
but has since put away those things.

God, bless the children
please, bless the children.

thank you.

Friday, March 05, 2010

tick tock

1 am in the morning, and i just can't sleep...i'm in New York.

i'm in NY cause i lost my job, i'm in NY cause my grandfather is worsening, i'm in NY cause somehow i feel this is where God wants me to be right now so i'm not afraid.

my second home. being here reminds me of all the reasons why i love this city. why i appreciate the seasons of change.

1:03 and i can't sleep because there is something nagging at me about the way i was "let go" though i know i should let go and Let God.

see, if it weren't for me losing my job i would not be in the position i am right now. i would not be in the position to lend support to my grandmother who really needs it the most right now. as we prepare for the transition into the "home".

i was blaming 'this body' and 'that body' for me being unemployed. thinking 'they'd won'. but right now i don't see any winners. and if it was in God's hands from the beginning i really don't have a need to be worried or fearful.

i'm awake at 1:06 am because i know it takes my grand dad a few tossings and turnings to fall soundly to sleep. i'm awake because i need to be. i'm awake so i could be there in case he needs me. either way, i don't mind.