Thursday, November 27, 2008

spreading the love i feel a lil weird about doing this yet i feel really good at the same time :)

my blog was nominated by the talented L.M Ross as “Über Amazing!” and it is my duty to pay it forward by listing 5 blogs that have lent to my growth through inspiration and enlightenment.


Honorable mention goes to Free Spirit (who does not blog anymore but who was there with me from the beginning)

big up and nuff respect!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it begins...

spiritual Saviour, send soothing psalms over

calm my creative core with cool coconut water blessings
sensor my ears from the verbal viciousness vaporizing my atmosphere
mentor my mouth with lyrics of heavenly manna
may my eyes eagerly engage in the enchantment of this earth
let me taste the testament that is the truth of your word
mold my mind with the miracle of your message...

can i seek forgiveness for my foolish favours?
and as i expect, let me forgive my neighbours

help me to..
lend love where it is absent..
shine light where there is darkness..
take time to listen where there are too many voices..
help me to help others, help themselves..

guide me
govern my being
graciously accept my apology for being a sinner

spiritual Saviour, send soothing songs over
calm my creative character with healing cocoa butter
that i may serve you Holistically, Divinely and Unconditionally..

thank you.

my mind and soul have been in need of some healing and tonight i feel like i have what it takes to make the necessary changes...

..a dear friend of mine reminded me on
Sunday to never forget to be thankful for everything (thanks Sueann) and i find i have strayed from my thankful ways..

today i am thankful for all of my beautiful friends who help paint the picture that is me...
i am thankful for life, countless
opportunities and the capacity to start over ever time or try again..
i am thankful for love, family, food, clothing and shelter and i am thankful for this world we live in, granted it's a far cry from utopia it is as God sees it, so i
appreciate it...


Saturday, November 08, 2008

this one is Called..

is it possible
to love God and a Man
without a gold band
on my left hand?
and knowingly
live in sin
when i don't even know where this is going?
is it possible
to make the ultimate sacrifice
and watch him walk out
of my life
cause i am tired
of putting him before God?
this is hard...
the decisions we make
not knowing which path
we should take
the struggle between the spirit
and the body
and i've always been somebody's
somebody but when
the trials and temptations come
i have nobody...

...but God.

thank you.

i have a lot of thoughts running through my head and i must fight against my temptations...i know i am stronger than this...i think i need to pray and leave it with God, cause it seems like no one else is willing to take my fears..!