Wednesday, December 17, 2008

up up up

i stood on tippy-toe
trying my best to touch the sky
and get a lil piece of that sunshine
that radiates from on high

a hand touched my hand
i started to reach higher
my heart filled with joy
was i going to meet the Messiah?

felt like i was floating
as my weights became so light
i gazed at the wonders of heaven
that was bewitching my eye-sight

how can anyone doubt Him
or stray about from his word?
when i look upon this beautiful earth
and the wonders of His world

i stood on tip-toe this morning
but i never imagined such glory
i could've just kept this blessing to myself
'stead i decided to share this story
of God's goodness.

thank you.

what will wednesday bring?

today i'm giving thanks for blessings.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


it's been a while
since i took the time
to rhyme..
been feeling
all over the place
and up and down
God, where are you?
i've felt so alone
not even my faith kept me steady
and these loads that i carry seem so heavy..
and now i don't even know
what to do..
God, where are you?
are you listening to me?
i've strayed and i haven't prayed for days...
this isn't how i thought my story would read
and i'm getting mixed up 'tween my wants and my needs
i'm looking for a more positive point of view
God....where are you?
i've been feeling so so blue
and walking away from your light
i've even lost the urge to write
it's so hard to reach out to you when i feel so low
so worried that you might let me let go...of you
even though i know you're always there
God...give me the strength i need to persevere
i know you won't give me more than i can carry
i beseech you...breathe life into a soul that is weary
and traveling with a heavy heart.

thank you.

it's been a while but i'm starting to feel it in my fingers....