Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hope's door? let me in..

why are we so scared?
to step into the light
doesn't our faith guarantee us
that this will end right?

i'm afraid and i don't know
as the world keeps a-shifting
the plates are broken on the table
and there's a big mess in the kitchen.

there's crying somewhere in the world tonight
though i cannot hear from here
i feel the need to say a prayer
and hope that my thoughts reach them.

whoever they are, those unnamed faces
with blood shot eyes and open scars
who'd probably care less about hotels
clothes, cars, or who did what at the bar.

i won't lie it scares me...

as there seems to be no escape
from the torturing and the beatings
no mother's love to keep you warm
or protect you while you're sleeping.

its hard i say to keep the faith
when the world's filled with the faithless
i pray that we can change our ways
and find a way to save the saveless.