Monday, September 15, 2008

who am i, what and why?

when i am
around you i
like to pretend
and hold my breath
hoping you'll meet me
around the bend.
and when you
turn to leave my
side i wish and hope and
pray that through the thick
the thin the in-between your
footsteps will guide my way.

thank you.

God is awesome and Vanya means gracious gift of God and it goes back to what the pastor says "this life God gave us is a gift". gifts can come in all sizes, all patterns and shapes but they're gifts nonetheless and they need to be valued and appreciated. today Vanya wants to stop complaining as much and start shining more...

Nicky is missing and i am praying and hoping that she comes home soon or if someone took her that they can find it in their hearts to bring her back. you can get so attached to animals and it's amazing how thoughts of her being missing consumed my being all day. but i have faith in God's will and i know it will be well however it turns out.

a little tired today, a kind of fatigue that my usual coffee could not shake, i can't wait to get home, put on some Marvin Gaye and breeze...

i ain't apologizin'....