Monday, January 21, 2008

Jan is so beautiful.......but she doesn't even know chaaa

errol barrow day, martin luther king day, what phenomenal men to celebrate today, from different worlds, different up-bringings, different families but both black, both passionate and having a drive for the empowerment of black people. FREEDOM! those were the times, sometimes when i read about them i feel as if i am right there, in the heart of everything marching, protesting, living change.

now, hmmmm, to get people together like that chasing one solid purpose? would never happen. we live in a society today whereby we do not look out for our neighbours. like if my neighbour's water is out and mine isn't well tough, it's only when mine goes out that i would be like people we have to do something! lights, camera, action!

inaction. we are all guilty of it, i always convince myself that i want to make changes but my biggest fallacy is not knowing the actual changes i wanna make. not having a game plan. i want a game plan so bad but sometimes i feel so useless.

but i'm proud to be black, proud to be alive to continue to see the fight through, proud to be a Barbadian.