Thursday, March 31, 2005

these are the good things sandy did

On my way to work this morning, I was so late, now I see y my aunt likes to leave early, so I there reading my exotic thriller when this Puerto Rican guy and his girl come on de train, cool cool, nothing strange, until I hear him say the words bumbaclot, I was like eh???? Wah he just say, I start to laugh out loud, I know them ppl had to think something was wrong with me but I just found it so funny

Let me tell you bout this exotic tale by Noire that my cousin gave me to read de other day. Now I don't usually read these books but the way I saw her getting on while reading it I have to say I was indeed, intrigued. So I start reading de ting now, y de main character's name is Juicy???? And they got other characters like Flex, G (who is her man and owns a placed called G-Spot, the name of the book by the way), Macaroni, Pananae, Pluto and Moonie, just to name a few. Now ya know from de time ya hear names like that ya can't really expect to be reading deep, thought-provoking stuff, nope straight hood, this book got me dying wid laughter more than anything else, I think I'll stay far away from erotic tales for a while, juicy! Pah, juicy fruit!

Monday, March 28, 2005

i enjoy being a girl better

So hear dis nonsense now, I get on de train de odda day, got on like 5 sweaters, a jacket, boots, socks, gloves, jeans, de works, cause I freezing, barely drawing up next to this woman to keep warm and just like that, la-de-da, this girl walks onto the train, short short skirt, ugg boots, and a sweater and proceeds to sit and talk and laugh with her friend, boy, it took me all the willpower of Jah not to go over there and knock her senseless, acting like it’s not below zero outside, the nerve!!!!!!!!

Wid dese trains ya cud always tell when there’s a bum in one of the carts, thing does b free and clear of ppl, not that I blame them, you know how poisonous those gases are? and de smell like it permeates the skin and it’s with u for days. So I just stay my from cart next door and watch as ppl step in and step out and then rush over to my cart and go like “DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!!” hehe

Been a few places since I been here, went to this lounge was really nice, totally looking forward to Sunday night guys. Can’t wait to go somewhere and hear music that reminds me of home……..ahhhhhhhhh.
Watched that movie the other night, million dollar baby, what a wonderful film that was, nearly brought me to tears, and that girl, what’s her name again, am, Hilary Swank right, she’s tite!!!!!

I could totally eat pizza every single day all day, honestly, it just does something to me, it gives me needs

It’s so cold outside and to top it off it’s raining today, and I’m stuck here at work till after 5, stupes, hum…… I wonder if I concentrated really hard and just tried, if I could jus click my heels and get home, oh man, I forgot, I didn’t walk with my red heels today, chaaaa