Tuesday, February 08, 2005

so who is doing who?

some ppl are so retarded hear, so today i goin up bet hill and like there's this man to my right that i could let out if i so desired but i was in the flow of my drive and i really didn't feel to, so anyways i drive and gone long bout my business and all of a sudden de man appears beside me, and this follows:
man - "you know how to change a tire?"
me - (with a rather bewildered look) "no"
man - "ha, i glad das wah u get for not letting me out"

then speeds and goes on his merry way. in one word "BERR!!!!" ya gotta see the crack and leave the crack hear!

i think everybody that went to carnival is a total loser, hum.....i wonder if any of them contributed to the tsunami fund instead of flying all over the c'bean wukkin-up! (however, secretly i wish i was there wukkn-up as well)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

is that all there is?

so y would i have a dream about the great brian lara kidnapping me along with 8 other ppl and then killing us one by one? isn't that just like the weirdest thing? even though i would have to admit there is something rather exciting about the thought of being kidnapped by him.....he's interesting.

the weather down here is just doing its own ting nowadays boy, barely but wukking-up in me, tell me y as a youth in the c'bean i would be wearing socks in bed nah? socks as well as being under a comforter and got de sheet all up under my chin and huddling in a corner of my bed, hehe, cold as wah outside boy

so carnival is here and everyone is talking bout it all over their stupid faces, like hello, some of us are trying to read our bibles over here!!!!! geez, i hope they know that jesus can c ya in t'dad, so ef i were them i would go over there and just clap my hands

so what will i do tomorrow nah? boy i smell excitement coming up, wake-up, shit (lol, i could hear my mother laffing at that one all now) and watch tv, fun fun fun, i need ajob

so here's a joke: what's green and smells like pork? kermit's finger. ha. i kill me!!!!!
i miss my jammy