Sunday, December 12, 2004

of all the houses in this town you chose mine

trust me to have a grasshopper with an identity crisis. why is it that for the passt week we have had a freaking grasshopper in the house, moving from room to room mekking de world of noise. Grasshopper - jumping and chirping insect of sub-order Saltatoria.........soooooooooo, why are u in my house????? shouldn't u be like outside being eaten by a frog or something, aren't the knicks or somebody playing, gosh go outside man. you may wonder y i don't just kill it. well, this answer is threefold, (1) why kill one of gods creatures (2) green used to be my favourite colour and (3) i am so completely scared of the thing dread, i mean cause it could like totally pounce on my at any given time rite and that ain't cool. so yes, i am a prisoner to the hopper :(

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

black boys on mopeds

now i am telling you, if i don't get these puppies outta here i am gonna blow something!!!!!! where i get these devil pups from i don't know but if by thursday dem ain't get no owners i sorry but is de streets fa dem, yeah man, you doubt me

meanwhile "ele" was sweet den, i mean, i had a ball, had on ma dancing gym shoes, exercised before ah left home so i was ready like freddy, and my man ele, didn't disppoint, went wid melly, shelly and ally, sorry kelly ain't mek ele, but maybe next toss, but it was great, for shitey my whitey

how cold is outside nowadays though, maybe santa claus is coming to the caribbean this year

sinead o'connor's music so does it for me