Friday, November 26, 2004

it's not the size that matters

trust mel to be doing a promotion where she encounters a securtiy guard from hell. hear tune, so this man keep talking and talking to mel, before she tell him from the start that "hey dude, u know what, i'm not interested ya know" she keep on talking back and smiling sweetly, so when he come today and reason he wanna borrow some money to buy some books y is she surprized???? de man basically think wunna is friends and what do friends do for each other, help them out when they need a hand duh!!!! so now when she says no, de man get vex vex ya know, lol, talking bout, and i quote "wait, y u gein on so, u like u is one a dem sorta girls ya" (when i hear this i deading ya know, cause she doing his voice real good) "i gun leff u alone boah" LOLOLOL. so now later on in de day after he done tell her he done comin round her cause she like she weird he gan still approach her and ask and i quote again "wah wrong wid you that u watching me? everytime everytime i look up i c you staring at me!" people, u would have to hear mel doing his voice to really get it, it is so funny that just typing bout it bringing tears to me eyes, the world is made up of many types..

in related news, so i gone to the laundry today cause ya know with this weather risking putting ya clothes on de line a a no no, so see me walking up supercentre stairs now n dese fellas at de top of de stairs gan reason "wait, ya mean ya can't clean, cook and now ya can't wash?". so in my lil voice i reason, "like hello, have u SEEN the weather recently, i can't get anything done" and they're like yeah waeva we ain't hearing u, ya can't wash plain n simple, n then it hit me, i don't know these ppl, y am i hear talking to them in the beginning, gotta go back on my medication ya!

bout these puppies from hell, i swear i gan give one of dem a choke slam sometime soon ya know, it's like they think i'm they're bitch, which i can't blame them for cause eveytime they cry i does b running outside, but now they taking it to another level, and oh baby, it's on!!!! crying crying if they want attention, crying if they want to be moved, crying so that i could come running out n then they get in their lil corner and laff at me, but you wait boy, i got a lil something planned called kitty cat!!!!!