Saturday, February 14, 2009

snatching JOY! (a line from L.M Ross)

he said "this poem is a light"
so i tried to make it shine
with all my might.

and every morning
took it for a walk
listened attentively
when it tried to talk.

kept all of it's secrets
laughed at every joke
forever fascinated
by every word it spoke.

he said "this poem's a lyric song"
so i desperately tried
to sing along.

and script the notes
for the music
compose the score
for others to play it.

they began to sway
to my tune so loud
from two to three
became a crowd.

he said "this is, to me, a blessing"
and i decided to
spread the lesson.

so the world could know
of God's grace
to remind them to believe
even if we don't know his face.

find some quiet time
so your heart could listen
to those sweet psalms
he's always whispering.

he always says to "snatch joy"
so i'm snatching vibes from
the girls and boys

the beautiful people
created by God
i write what i write
just because.

i'm blessed with lyrics,
joy and song
and my light shineth
all year round

so look for me
in the stillness of the night
i'm that big star
shining ever so bright

shining through
the morning's dew
ever shining
upon you.

thank you.

we should all try.

Friday, February 13, 2009


this one is..
for the hustlers
the bustlers
the 9-5 ballers...
the wankstas
the pranksters
the wanna be gangstas..
the leaders
the followers
the shot-callers...
the robbers
the clobbers
the up and down bobbers..
for the doctors
the lawyers
the bank tellers and the yellers..
the prince
the pauper
the middle class daughter..
for the virgins
the harlots
the judge and the jury...
for the teachers
the preachers
for the truthful deceivers..
the receivers
the givers and takers
this one is for the fakers...
this is for you...
the back biters
the fighters
the igniters
the writers...
the truth seekers
the readers
the imagination feeders..
the haters
the maters
the segregaters...
for the lovers
the mothers, fathers
the sisters, the brothers
the helping hands of others
the friends
the foe
the people you don't know...
for passers by
for the old
for the young
for the weak and for the strong...
this is their song
this is their praise
this is for the sinners
it's never too late.. seek God.

thank you.

i pray for peace.

written 12-05-08

Sunday, February 08, 2009

and then there was hope.

this sweet love power flowed
against my resistant winds
over unreachable mountain tops
healed my broken wings.

it came through a warm smile
through love's hugging and kissing
it came through an unexpected miracle
of a harvest blessing.

it gives faith to the faithless
It gives wealth to the poor
it puts food upon the table
and it opens closed doors.

it brought an end to wars before
and made friends out of foes
it came after those heavy rains
through the colours of the rainbow.

protects us in the darkness
keeps us safe and warm at night
watches over us as we sleep
opens our eyes to the sunlight.

if Jesus wanted me for a sunbeam
i'd shine all my glorious days
cause this love power has me filled
with wonderment, joy and praise.

and this feeling is so awesome
i could just go on and on
but i think i'll go spread the word
and leave my readers with this one...

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."
Matthew 6: 33-34

thank you.

today was hard but i made it through and that's all i could ever ask for. cheers to triumphing.